• We Make Sustainability Reporting Easy


The only platform you’ll ever need to
manage corporate sustainability

  • Save time

    Normative helps you significantly save time by radically reducing your manual administration of sustainability data management.

  • Be proactive

    You don't have to wait a year to get a full picture of your sustainability efforts. Normative provides real-time insights, allowing you to immediately make more informed decisions and stay competitive.

  • Map your value chain

    Assess the environmental performance of all of your energy and supply chain purchases. Since 80% of all emissions come from the supply chain, you’ll probably thank us later.

  • Make public

    Get more opportunities to share your results with your consumers and stakeholders and build on your green brand image. Share your progress on social media, download material for the next client meeting or embed it in your annual sustainability report.

  • Assess the life-cycle

    Automatically generate life-cycle assessments of your facilities, products, services and your organization.

  • Manage risks

    Reduce sustainability risks by finding social and environmental hotspots in your supply-chain. Prioritize the sustainability issues that are most important and see where the greatest potential for improvement exists.

  • Follow international standards

    Normative helps you adhere to internationally recognized standards such as the GRI, CDP, GHG Protocol.

  • Customize

    We would love to work with you to find out what your organization needs and how we can tailor Normative to suit your specific preferences.

Spend less time on numbers and more time on building a sustainable business.
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Tell us who you are and we will get back to you.
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Drop us a line and we will be in touch.