Net zero emissions

The world’s top-performing companies are embracing sustainability to drive business results. We help them deliver on that promise.

The world’s first emission accounting engine

Calculate your entire climate footprint and get insights to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Measure all emissions

Normative accounts for your full carbon footprint, including your supply chain, and help you stay compliant. We remove the hassle of data collection by automating the emission calculation process.

Take climate action

Our emission accounting engine puts you in control of your CO2 emissions. Normative shows you what initiatives have the greatest climate impact and lets you focus on the right problems.

Be a leader

Sustainability is an opportunity. Customers, investors and future employees want to know your sustainability profile. We help you gain their trust.

“Detailed and scientific calculation methods of carbon dioxide emissions. As specific as it gets”

Lisa Hjalmarsson, global corporate responsibility manager – Elekta

“A great tool to measure our sustainability work and communicate it in an easy way, both internally and external.”

Malin Stenkilsson, director of sustainability – Scapa

“The software is fantastic! The best part is that it saves a lot of time.”

Anne Veiksaar, group communications manager – Eltel Networks

Want to know your full carbon footprint?

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How Normative works

Export your data

Gather your financial data and upload them to Normative.

Let Normative calculate

Our emission accounting engine maps your transactions and calculates their carbon footprint.

Take climate action

Normative highlights your emission hotspots, and suggests initiatives with the greatest climate impact.

Measure your full carbon footprint

More than 70% of your emissions are located in your supply chain (scope 3). No survey tool will ever measure it. Our emission accounting engine calculates all your carbon emissions, scope 1, 2 and 3 included, based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.


Direct emissions from owned or controlled resources.


Indirect emissions from purchased energy.


Indirect emissions that occur in a company’s supply chain.

Take high-impact actions

Normative recommends high-impact actions to reduce your climate footprint, starting from day one. Use our insights to devise a net-zero strategy, engage your stakeholders and reduce risks in your supply chain.

Become a sustainability leader

When climate changes, everything changes. Today, 71% of consumers make choices with sustainability in mind, while 64% of millennials won’t work for a company that ignores sustainability. Normative helps you reduce GHG emissions and gain the trust of your stakeholders.

Get to know your emissions and make a real change.

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