Beyond offsetting: climate invest to reach net zero emissions | Normative

Climate investment goes beyond offsetting

Normative’s climate investment provides businesses high-quality, science-based carbon removal on the path to net zero emissions.

    From our Carbon Removal Portfolio

    • Biochar

      Turn agricultural waste into fertilizer, trapping carbon in the soil and promoting plant life growth.

    • Enhanced weathering

      Accelerate the natural process whereby rainfall traps atmospheric CO2 in rocks.

    • Bio-oil

      Convert atmospheric CO2 into biomass, then into a carbon-rich liquid that is pumped underground.

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    Measure carbon emission dashboard

    The path to net zero ends with climate investment

    • Measure all carbon emissions

      Normative’s carbon accounting engine calculates your full climate footprint, including scope 3 supply chain emissions.

    • Reduce what you can

      Our net zero experts recommend high-impact actions to reduce your carbon emissions to an absolute minimum.

    • Compensate the remainder

      To compensate your residual emissions, Normative provides high-quality climate investments that are vetted by third-party experts.

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    “Normative, a carbon-accounting startup based in Stockholm, Sweden, uses software to trawl through a company’s transactions to calculate its Scope 3 emissions.”
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    “Normative’s emission accounting software is designed to help businesses calculate their environmental footprint.”
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    “Normative – which calls itself the world’s first emissions accounting engine – helps businesses measure and improve their carbon footprint.”

    With you all the way to net zero

    Normative calculates your business carbon emissions and identifies hotspots. Our carbon specialists use this intelligence to create a tailored reduction plan – and a climate investment strategy for what you can’t reduce. Together, we ensure your business stays compliant, competitive, and equipped to reach net zero.

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    High-quality carbon removal to reach net zero

    • Science-based
    • Independently vetted
    • Expert help
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