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Accurately Calculate Your Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions

Account for 100% of CO2 emissions across all scopes using detailed, scientific calculations. Use reliable and trustworthy carbon calculations, empowering your company to reach net zero.

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How does Normative ensure accuracy

  • Scientific Integrity

    Built on a foundation of science, we partner with leading policy-makers, scientists, and innovators.

  • Responsive Insights

    Effortless data collection from operations to scope 3 supply chain emissions, transformed into actionable insights.

  • Continuous Collaboration

    Share insights and facilitate collaboration among leaders, staff, stakeholders, and suppliers.

The Calculation Engine

Effective sustainability initiatives rely on accurate, high-resolution, and trustworthy carbon calculations – including Scope 3 emissions. Watch the video to learn how Normative can help you get there.

Begin your net zero

Stay Compliant, Competitive and Equipped to Reach Net Zero

  • Account for all of your emissions

    Measure your full GHG footprint across Scope 1, 2, 3 – including your value chain. Remove the hassle of data collection by automating the process.

  • Report your progress

    Stay competitive by sharing your carbon footprint and reduction progress with customers, investors, regulators, and future employees.

  • Take climate action

    Get an overview of the highest-impact initiatives available to you. Our experts are here to help you develop a reduction roadmap and find high-quality climate investments for the emissions you can’t reduce.

“The software is fantastic! With Normative, we can monitor our full carbon footprint – and focus on taking action toward reaching our climate targets.”

Anne Veiksaar Sustainability and Communications Manager – Eltel Group

“I trust Normative’s honest and dependable calculations to guide our carbon reductions.”

Trine Pondal Head of Sustainability and Social Responsibility – Flying Tiger Copenhagen
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