Sustainability Law

Starting in 2017, large companies in the EU will have to report on their sustainability because of EU-directive 2014/95/EU regarding how the company is dealing with environmental issues, social conditions, personnel, respect for human rights and counteracting corruption.
Which Companies Are Affected?
It is estimated to be more than 10,000 companies in the EU and 1,600 companies in Sweden that are required to follow the new legislation. Companies in the EU that have more than 500 employees are affected. In Sweden it is those companies that meet at least two of the following criterias for each of the last two financial years:
Average number of employees more than 250
Revenue greater than SEK 350 million
Balance sheet total greater than SEK 175 million
Enkel rapportering
The Sustainability Report
The sustainability report should contain information needed for understanding the company's development, status, results and impact of the business, including information on environmental, social, human, human rights and anti-corruption issues.

The company shall also continuously analyze how it monitors its sustainability policy and its impact.
There are a number of international guidelines and reporting tools that can support and facilitate sustainable entrepreneurship. One example are the guidelines developed by GRI. GRI is an independent, non-profit organization with a stated purpose to promote corporate reporting on sustainability issues. It is voluntary for the company to apply specific guidelines. In Europe, sustainability reporting is often done according to GRI's guidelines. The latest version of the Guidelines, G4, covers all the sustainability issues mentioned in the EU directive.
Do It Right!
There are many requirements that should be followed when creating a sustainability report. Therefore the creation of such a report can become both time consuming and costly. That's why the interest is so great for our workshops in sustainability reporting.

Learn everything you need to know in our workshop!

Checkbox What is sustainability reporting?

Checkbox Benefits of sustainability reporting

Checkbox The legal requirements

Checkbox Review of GRI and other standards

Checkbox Create a actionable plan and effective process

Checkbox Conducting a materiality analysis

Checkbox Collect and track data

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