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Why ESG investing isn’t just another trend


Over 70% of asset owners have ESG strategies in place. Investment managers should follow suit, if they want to raise their next fund.


The EU taxonomy requires asset managers to disclose their environmental impact to unleash a wave of sustainable finance.


Sustainable products grow +560% faster than conventional products, representing +50% of the total market growth.

What Normative can do for you

Comparable KPIs

Pick the KPIs that materially impact your business and assess all your companies with the same ESG metrics. Track over time the ESG performance of companies, portfolios and even funds.

Full ecological footprint

Normative accounts for 100% of your environmental footprint. We calculate the direct emissions you generate, but also the indirect emissions of your value chain (scope 1, 2 and 3).

International compliance

Our calculations follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and can be used to comply with the EU taxonomy, while your portfolio companies get certified by the United Nations.

Pioneers boost their ESG management with Normative

Hassle-free for portfolio companies

PCs export their data

Portfolio companies gather their financial data and upload them to Normative.

Normative calculates their emissions

Our emission accounting engine maps every transaction and calculates their carbon footprint.

Take action

Normative highlights you PCs emissions hotspots and recommends highest-impact actions.

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