Past Conference

Normative at Responsible Business Europe 2023

Normative’s CEO will explain how businesses can accurately calculate their full scope 3 emissions to empower sustainable initiatives, compliant reporting, and competitive advantages.

June 6-7th, 2023

Why was Normative there?

Normative provides businesses with accurate, comprehensive calculations of their scope 3 emissions using a science-backed methodology and a deep database. In our presentation, Normative CEO & Co-founder Kristian Rönn explained how the “accuracy gap” in emissions calculations can pose reputational, legal, and financial risks to businesses – and how businesses can overcome the barriers to calculating their full emissions.

The presentation covered:

  • How the latest tools and technologies can help your company gain a full understanding of its scope 3 emissions
  • Best-practice examples of how to use scope 3 calculations to influence strategic decisions and drive change throughout your value chain
  • How to ensure scope 3 data is of high quality, empowering you to make an effective roadmap to net zero

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Meet the team

Kristian Rönn

On June 6th at 14:40 BST Normative’s CEO & Co-founder will give a presentation titled “Scope 3 Emissions: Gaining Full Visibility.”

Kristian Rönn is the co-founder and CEO of Normative, the world’s first carbon accounting engine, which enables enterprises to calculate their full carbon footprints and reduce their emissions to net zero.

Kristian co-founded the company in 2014 after leaving the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, where he worked on reducing global catastrophic risks including climate change. He has advised governments and international bodies and is a thought leader within carbon accounting, with speaking engagements at COP, Davos, and the UN, as well as on media outlets like Bloomberg and Sky News.

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Our climate experts
You can also find our climate experts, Molly, Michael and Felix at the Normative booth in the exhibition area. You are more than welcome to reach out via the form below if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your sustainability journey.