Past event

Normative at the World Sustainability Congress

The World Sustainability Congress 2023 in Amsterdam showcased leading examples of how businesses can translate their sustainability goals into impactful action.

Amsterdam, October 18th-19th, 2023

Why was Normative there?

The accuracy gap in value chain emissions calculations leads to non-compliant reporting, ineffective reduction work, and greenwashing.

Normative provides businesses with accurate, comprehensive calculations of their value chain emissions using a science-backed methodology and a deep database of emissions factors.

On October 18th Normative’s Head of Science, Sustainability, and Climate Research Dr. Alexander Schmidt joined the panel “Decarbonising the supply chain – driving progress, fast” with industry leaders from Thermo Fisher and GSK. 

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Meet the team

Dr. Alexander Schmidt
Alexander is the Head of Science, Sustainability and Climate Research at Normative. Previously, Alexander has been a consultant and entrepreneur in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.

Alexander obtained his doctorate in economics from the University of Hohenheim after having completed his studies in International Business and East Asian studies in Germany, China, and Japan. As an external lecturer, Alexander teaches university courses in mathematics and econometrics.