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Our sustainability reporting guidance document seeks to simplify ambiguities surrounding sustainability reporting and ESG data transparency. The world is experiencing a significant rise in regulatory checks and responsible business. Central to such change is the demand for non-financial disclosure and transparent ESG practices. Twenty-First Century companies are increasingly required by governments and investors to be transparent about their sustainability performance as both demand and supply for ESG data grows. ESG data has become a vital part of investors’ decision-making and critical to the process of impact investment.

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This resource sheds light on:

  • Directive 2014/95/EU (which stipulates that large undertakings with more than 500 employees disclose a non-financial statement containing information on environmental, social and governance matters)
  • Key information on ESG and sustainability reporting

From this document, you will gauge a full understanding of the time frame and resources required to complete a sustainability report. It will also serve as a useful guide to understanding how an ESG report increases access to capital, overall business performance, growth, and profitability while decreasing costs.

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