From zero to #1: how Summa Equity won the ESG award

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22. Oct 2020

Summa Equity is one of Normative’s oldest clients. Here's how we help them compare ESG results across their investment portfolio.

About Summa Equity

Summa Equity (‘’Summa’’) has a purpose-driven team that invests in companies which address global challenges, with a special focus on three themes: resource efficiency, changing demographics and tech-enabled business. 

Since the start of our partnership in 2017, we taken on the mission to uncover the link between financial performance and value creation. Driven by financial expertise and an irrational ambition, they have become market leaders when it comes to ESG investing. In 2019, Summa won the ESG award at the Private Equity Awards and the best ESG private equity firm award of the Private Equity Exchange & Awards in Paris. 

How did Normative help Summa Equity?

Normative is Summa’s ESG analytics provider. We analyze their portfolio companies’ sustainability data, assessing the environmental externalities (scope 1, 2, and 3) generated by their economic activities. By calculating the carbon emissions produced by each dollar invested, Summa has been able to compare the ESG performance of all their portfolio companies, despite wide differences in industry characteristics, size and growth.

Summa Equity uses the sustainable development goals (SDGs) as a framework to identify the challenges that they want to tackle and invest in. The analytical results have helped them to engage with their portfolio companies on the drivers of impact, initiation of behavioral change and has generated ideas on how to reduce their carbon footprint over the coming years. 

Whether you are an ESG beginner or a seasoned expert, you probably have something to learn from the #1 ESG firm in the world.

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