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We Automate your Sustainability Report Process

Easy  Uploading of Existing Data

Upload already existing data from your ERP system, bookkeeping system, purchasing system, HR system, invoices, bills-of-materials,  and more.

Custom-Made for your Needs

We create customized upload templates based on the data you have. If possible, we will automate the upload process as well.

Instant insights from your Data

Normative’s algorithm will instantly output environmental feedback based on the data uploaded. Get clear concise insights in carbon dioxide emissions and energy use in Scope 1, 2, and 3. Additionally, you will gain other insights, such as how your company affects biodiversity and human health.

Procurement Planning

Make your procurements sustainable by analyzing them with Normative first.

Effortless and Immediate Reporting

Reporting can be done immediately according to the international standards GRI, CDP, and GHG protocol. The reports comply with laws and regulations by the EU-directive 2014/95/EU.

Track Important KPIs Automatically

The algorithm immediately returns several quantitative KPIs for each report that are supplemented with qualitative data templates, which covers that specific standard.

Get the Finest, Pay the Least

The cost of establishing a sustainability report is estimated to 200 000 by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. With Normative, your business can automate 69% of all the fields in a GRI report and 77% in a CDP report. For optimizing high speed and low costs, Normative is a perfect choice.

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