About Normative

We are on a mission to make known the sustainability impact of all economic activities on the planet.

We believe

For humanity to flourish in the 21st century, we need to account for environmental impact the same way we account for financial performance.

We exist

To deliver sustainability intelligence at scale. We measure companies’ emissions based on science, not surveys.

We work

With companies that love data and take action. We empower them to lead the sustainable transition, measuring what matters.

Want to know our journey?

We’re too focused on the future to think about the past. But if you’re curious to know who we are and where we’re going, our CEO has a message for you.

Data lovers. With a passion for humanity.

We had the choice to wait for someone to take action, or join our forces and build something new. Even though we see numbers where others see pictures, we love humanity more than computers. Data make us feel we are getting one step closer to the end goal: building a sustainable world. That’s why we love data.

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