Our mission

Make known the sustainability impact of all economic activities on the planet.

The world has witnessed exponential economic growth, and with that an exponential rise in greenhouse gas emissions. Now is the time for exponential climate action.

At Normative we want to accelerate the transition towards net zero emissions. We provide emission accounting based on science, empowering companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our story

Our story is rooted in climate research. In 2013, co-founder Kristian Rönn was working at Oxford University, simulating the consequences of climate change on human lives. As it became clear how global warming would cause extreme human suffering, he had to leave academia behind and take action. Kristian joined forces with Adam and Robin to reverse the trajectory of climate change. Normative was born in 2014 to help humanity achieve net zero emissions. Today, our emission accounting engine uses more than 200,000,000 data points when calculating a company’s emissions.

Customers from around the world trust Normative as an essential piece in reducing their carbon footprint. We have accounted for more than 38,000,000 tons of CO2, equivalent to over 475,000,000 laptops. Up to now, we helped our customers mitigate more than 500.000 tons of CO2, equivalent to the total emissions of the country of Gambia in a year.

Still today, less than 1% of companies worldwide measure their carbon footprint, so you may say that our journey just got started. Want to join us?

Our team

We are a global team working to solve a global problem. We come from 10 different countries and speak 13 different languages. We are headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with some team members working remotely from around the world.

We have spoken at the World Economic Forum, consulted the European Commission and worked with the United Nations to develop a new standard to account emissions. We come from different walks of life, but we’re all united by a purpose: to achieve net zero emissions.

Want to reverse climate change?

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Normative leadership team

Kristian Rönn climate leader
Kristian Rönn


Joel Savilahti

Head of sales

Sandra Uddbäck

Head of product and growth

Johan Eklöf

Head of engineering

Gustav Bramberg

Head of customer success

Eline Wajon

Business development manager

Jonathan Sundgren

Head of finance

Marie Persson

Head of talent

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