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How Normative works

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Import spend and activity data or connect your existing systems to Normative.

Calculate carbon

Our carbon accounting engine maps your business activities and calculates their carbon footprint.

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Normative reveals your emissions hotspots and recommends high-impact reductions.

Drive decarbonization with the Carbon Network

Scope 3 emissions, embedded in complex supply chains, are the toughest to track and manage. The Carbon Network offers an opportunity for companies to share carbon data, uniting databases and expertise to target these elusive emissions. Designed to empower organizations with enterprise-level tools and resources, the network enables leaders to make informed decisions and drive growth while meeting net-zero targets

Learn more about the Carbon Network

Uncover value chain emissions

Modern enterprises have large and complex value chains, and accounting for their emissions is difficult. But because 90% of most corporate emissions can be found in the value chain, it’s essential to get accurate measurements.

With data on 10 million leading suppliers from around the world, Normative can process the suppliers in your value chain to deliver an accurate carbon calculation. By helping you engage your suppliers, Normative makes it possible to spark change across your value chain.

How value chain insights drive reduction
Uncover value chain emissions

Support across the net-zero journey

Wherever you are in your net zero journey, Normative’s experts are there to help. We’ll help you gather and organize data from various departments, and feed it into the Normative engine.

After your initial carbon calculations, our experts in procurement and value chain engagement will help you understand your results and identify impactful reduction opportunities. And when you’re ready, our climate investment partners will help you find the carbon removal projects to help you complete the journey to net zero.

Why Normative

  • Eliminate emissions guesswork

    With 100% coverage across scopes 1, 2, and 3, Normative ensures all emissions are accounted for. Our granular insights make it easy to find and take action on reduction opportunities.

  • Spend time on reduction, not data admin

    Every company is tracking an immense amount of data. Normative uses automation where it counts: to process data quickly and efficiently. Examine your value chain in-depth, eliminate human error, and ensure your emissions profile is founded on high-quality data.

  • Normative is not a black box

    With nearly a decade of experience in carbon accounting, a team of sustainability engineers evaluating data sources, and connections with climate scientists and policy makers, Normative ensures your measurements are based on the latest science.

Normative - Methodology

Founded on transparency

The Normative calculation methodology is informed by leading climate experts and aligned with international standards like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Our calculations are bolstered with tens of thousands of emissions factors, millions of industry data points, and a robust and flexible technology infrastructure.

When you can retrace every step of the calculations yourself, you can trust that your carbon calculations are exceptionally reliable.

Download the Normative Emissions Calculation Methodology whitepaper to learn how we deliver accurate and auditable calculations.

Download the whitepaper

Built for compliance

Aligned with the Green House Gas Protocol, Normative’s calculations are transparent and audit-ready. Report your progress towards net zero to comply with regulations and engage stakeholders. Export your carbon data for standard frameworks like GRI, CDP, Nasdaq ESG, TCFD, SASB, and SECR.

Normative - Report Export

“I trust Normative’s honest and dependable calculations to guide our carbon reductions.”

Trine Pondal Head of Sustainability and Social Responsibility – Flying Tiger Copenhagen

“A great tool to measure our sustainability work and communicate it in an easy way, both internally and external.”

Malin Stenkilsson Director of sustainability – Scapa

“The software is fantastic! With Normative, we can monitor our full carbon footprint – and focus on taking action toward reaching our climate targets.”

Anne Veiksaar Sustainability and Communications Manager – Eltel Group
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Yes, you can choose among all the major sustainability reporting standards like GRI, CDP and Nasdaq ESG. But you can also customize metrics according to your sustainability policy.

Yes, our emission calculation engine follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and shows the calculations behind your carbon footprint.

Normative helps you understand your emissions profile, and suggests the highest-impact actions you can take to improve your climate footprint. We also help to get your climate action certified by international bodies like the UN and SBTi.

No, Normative works as a third-party software and doesn’t require you to modify any of your internal systems.

Yes, we comply with GDPR regulations and adopt an approach of security by design. We partner with Auth0 to keep your data safe and employ a “zero trust policy access” across the organisation, ensuring your data can only be accessed on the terms you specify. If you would like to test the security of our system, we allow external security audits.

Expert knowledge and high-powered software

Normative is adaptable and scalable for businesses around the globe. How can Normative support your sustainability objectives?

  • Comprehensive carbon calculation
  • Expert support
  • Audit and compliance-ready
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