The carbon accounting engine

  • Measure all emissions

    Normative accounts for your full carbon footprint – including your supply chain – establishing an accurate baseline and highlighting emissions hotspots. We remove the hassle of data collection by automating the emission calculation process.

  • Take climate action

    Normative shows you what initiatives have the greatest climate impact. Our experts help you devise a reduction roadmap and find high-quality climate investments for the emissions that you can’t reduce.

  • Report progress

    Customers, investors, regulators, and future employees expect you to share your progress towards net zero. We offer extensive expertise in climate stakeholder communications to help you gain their trust.

Full climate footprint

Normative calculates 100% of your company’s carbon emissions. Our method is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), and covers scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Account for your full supply chain and track your progress over time. Our carbon accounting engine automates the otherwise costly and time-consuming data collection and calculation process.

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Product Dashboard of Scope 1 2 3 Overview

Want to know your full carbon footprint?

  • Detailed analytics view
  • Quick support
  • Hotspot analysis of activities
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Emissions hotspot analysis

Our software highlights your biggest sources of emissions so you can prioritize high-impact actions. Visualize your suppliers sorted by emission size and discover what purchases have the highest carbon footprint. This is the first step in your net zero strategy.

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Carbon reporting

Report your progress towards net zero to comply with regulations and engage stakeholders like investors and customers. Export your carbon data for standard frameworks like GRI, CDP, Nasdaq ESG, TCFD, SASB, and SECR, or choose customized metrics according to your sustainability policy.

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Aligned with

Trine Pondal - Sustainability Flying Tiger

“I trust Normative’s honest and dependable calculations to guide our carbon reductions.”

Trine Pondal, Head of Sustainability and Social Responsibility – Flying Tiger Copenhagen

“A great tool to measure our sustainability work and communicate it in an easy way, both internally and external.”

Malin Stenkilsson, Director of sustainability – Scapa

“Detailed and scientific calculation methods of carbon dioxide emissions. As specific as it gets”

Lisa Hjalmarsson, Global corporate responsibility manager – Elekta

“The software is fantastic! The best part is that it saves a lot of time.”

Anne Veiksaar, Group communications manager – Eltel Networks
Trine Pondal - Sustainability Flying Tiger

How Normative works

Import data

Import transactional data from Excel, or connect an accounting or ERP system to Normative.

Calculate carbon

Our carbon accounting engine uses more than 200,000,000 data points to map your transactions and calculate their carbon footprint.

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Normative reveals your emissions hotspots and recommends high-impact reductions.


Yes, you can choose among all the major sustainability reporting standards like GRI, CDP and Nasdaq ESG. But you can also customize metrics according to your sustainability policy.

Yes, our emission calculation engine follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and shows the calculations behind your carbon footprint.

Normative helps you understand your emissions profile, and suggests the highest-impact actions you can take to improve your climate footprint. We also help to get your climate action certified by international bodies like the UN and SBTi.

No, Normative works as a third-party software and doesn’t require you to modify any of your internal systems.

Yes, we comply with GDPR regulations and adopt an approach of security by design. We partner with Auth0 to keep your data safe and employ a “zero trust policy access” across the organisation, ensuring your data can only be accessed on the terms you specify. If you would like to test the security of our system, we allow external security audits.

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