The Carbon Network

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A global solution for a global challenge

Companies worldwide are tracking carbon emissions to meet reporting legislation. But reporting alone doesn’t guarantee progress. The challenge comes from scope 3 emissions in complex supply chains – which are widespread, and often hidden across a web of international transactions and logistics. Without addressing these emissions, no company can reach their net-zero goals.

Here’s where the Carbon Network steps in. The answer is a global network that seamlessly connects companies worldwide, facilitating the collection and exchange of carbon data. In a world striving for net zero, global carbon visibility is the solution.

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A new approach to decarbonization

The Carbon Network is a solution for sharing carbon insights and collaborating on reduction. It includes global emissions data sources, carbon reduction services, and partnerships with leading consultants. Businesses can exchange primary emissions data from suppliers across value chains and access climate expertise from consultants and service providers like Nordea and Zurich.

Experience the impact

Collect & integrate
Streamline carbon data collection from suppliers and service providers in your value chain with the Engage Module.

Engage & share
Engage suppliers by offering them free Network Accounts to upload, integrate, and share emissions data and reduction plans with their stakeholders.

Analyze & act
Integrate the insights into your systems to refine your sustainability strategy and collaborate on emission reduction initiatives.

Repeat & improve
Tap into our community of leading consultants and climate experts for in-depth reduction guidance. Implement effective strategies, and verify impact over time to reach net zero.

The Carbon Network
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Fueling business success with climate goals

Business networks enable real-time collaboration, decision-making, and growth across the globe. The Carbon Network applies this transformative power to decarbonization. The first of its kind, the network is designed for organizations moving beyond compliance to gain strategic advantage.

With enterprise-level functionality and free tools and resources for SMEs, Normative is uniquely positioned to build a network for various economic stakeholders to exchange carbon data – and learn from it.

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“The Carbon Network makes carbon visible and transforms it from an abstract issue into a tangible challenge that we can solve through collaboration, logic, and innovation. With the Carbon Network, we can do it together.” 

Kristian Rönn, CEO at Normative
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Collaborate on a global scale for tangible carbon reductions. Empower your business with actionable insights. Align your brand with authentic sustainability claims.