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Painless carbon reporting

Regardless of size, location, or industry, businesses around the world are grappling with new environmental reporting requirements.

But your size, location, and industry will impact the regulations and disclosures that are required for your business. CSRD, SECR, SFDR, CDP, SBTi – navigating the alphabet soup of legislation acronyms is a challenge, and meeting their requirements can be even more difficult.

Use this resource center for up-to-date insights on the world’s most relevant emissions reporting regulations and standards.

Supporting you with successful reporting

Normative carbon reporting goes beyond a digital solution. Our team of climate strategists bring expertise for your region, industry, and sustainability needs.

Every Normative Climate Strategy Advisor can not only help you understand your emissions profile, but can also support your process of reporting carbon emissions comprehensively, smoothly, and successfully – guiding you along the path to net-zero emissions. 

Expert carbon guidance for
confident carbon reporting.

  • Comprehensive carbon calculation
  • Expert support
  • Audit and compliance-ready
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