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Commercial collaborations


The collaboration between Normative and PwC UK offers deep climate knowledge, advanced technology, and auditable carbon calculations with expert sustainability reporting and managed services.


Normative partners with Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordics, to provide accurate emissions calculations to Nordea’s corporate customers.


Through the collaboration with Normative, Zurich empowers suppliers to estimate their carbon footprint.


– the trusted provider of sustainability ratings, partners with Normative to deliver accurate understanding of full scope 1-3 emission worldwide.


TIME CO2 collaborates with Normative to support companies on their carbon footprint, beyond decarbonization strategies already in progress. With the TIME CO2 portfolio, business leaders access the highest quality climate impact projects with verified impact.


Novisto is an end-to-end enterprise software platform for sustainability management, empowering companies to create value from their ESG strategy, data, and reporting. Normative is in partnership with Novisto because it is a leader in its field and complements Normative’s value proposition.


Stratsys provides a SaaS-platform that streamlines compliance within business-critical areas like Sustainability, GRC and Operational Management for mid- to large organizations in the Nordics. Unlike other compliance software, Stratsys takes it one step further to move organizations from reporting to action and efficiently distribute responsibility internally.


Klimate pioneers effective climate action by helping companies compensate for their unavoidable emissions through high-integrity carbon removal portfolios. Our flexible approach caters to diverse timelines, from addressing critical demands with one-off purchases to formulating comprehensive, long-term strategies that proactively secure credits and minimise risk.

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Leading the net-zero transition with Nordea

Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordics, is committed to supporting businesses that are working towards a net-zero future.

Watch the video to hear why the organization is focused on lowering its financed emissions and how it incorporates Normative into its offering to help as many customers as possible start calculating emissions.


Bankers for Net Zero

Normative collaborates with Bankers for NetZero, the UK Country Chapter of the UN-Convened Net Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA), which is one of the four main pillars of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) for strategic policy alignment.

Business Sweden

Normative was part of the official Swedish Business Delegation to COP27, and is a member of the COP28 PFF steering committee.

Carbon Call

The Carbon Call is an initiative of leading organizations to improve carbon accounting data reliability and interoperability. Normative is a Signatory Member.

Climate Disclosure Project

CDP is a global non-profit that runs the world’s environmental disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions. In partnership with the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, CDP and Normative have created a new climate disclosure framework for small and medium sized enterprises.

Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Normative is a member of the Exponential Roadmap Initiative (ERI), and is working with ERI to develop the Net Zero Score framework for standardized measurements of businesses’ progress toward net-zero emissions.

With support from, Normative developed the Business Carbon Calculator – a tool helping SMEs understand their greenhouse gas emissions.

Leaders for Climate Action

The community of businesses in the Leaders for Climate Action have access to Normative’s carbon accounting solutions.

UN One Planet Network

Normative is a member of the UN One Planet Network’s Sustainable Production Programme, a global multi-stakeholder partnership for sustainable development.

SME Climatehub

Normative is the founding partner of and official software provider forto the SME Climate Hub, a UN-backed initiative that helps small businesses commit to and achieve Paris-aligned reduction targets.

UN Race to Zero

The UN Race To Zero is a global campaign to rally support for a zero-carbon society among businesses, cities, regions, and investors. Normative is a member of the campaign.

We Mean Business Coalition

Another founding partner of the SME Climate Hub, the We Mean Business Coalition collaborates with Normative to support carbon emissions measurements for small and medium sized businesses.

Net Zero Policy Network

The Net-Zero Policy Network, a joint initiative by Oxford Net Zero and Normative, brings together businesses, policymakers, and academia to broadcast and catalyze clear, fair, and aligned climate policy and action.

“With Normative, we can empower our corporate customers to measure their greenhouse gas emissions, track reductions, and report progress to customers and investors”

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Mark Frisbaek Sustainability Lead, Nordea

“Zurich is targeting net zero operational emissions by 2030 and we’re asking our suppliers to set science based emission reduction targets. Through the collaboration with Normative, Zurich empowers suppliers to estimate their carbon footprint for free”

Chris Minter Sustainability Sourcing Lead at Zurich
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