Normative helps Nordea’s customers measure emissions

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19. Oct 2022

The Nordics's largest bank will enable its corporate customers to measure emissions using Normative.

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As the global economy transitions to net zero, businesses face unprecedented demands to report and reduce their emissions.

Nordea – the largest bank in the Nordics – wants to help businesses meet these demands. Normative has partnered with Nordea to provide accurate emissions measurements to Nordea’s corporate customers.

Sustainability is a business imperative

For businesses, managing their greenhouse gas emissions is a vital part of the global effort to fight climate change. It’s also a source of competitive advantage, and, increasingly, a business imperative to meet stakeholder demands.

These demands come in the form of legislation, investor requirements, and consumer expectations – as 77% of consumers say they prefer sustainable products.

Accurate emissions measurement is the vital first step to meeting these demands. However, recent research shows that 91% of businesses fail to measure the full scope of their emissions.

When businesses don’t measure their full emissions, they can’t take effective action to address them. Ultimately, these blind spots lead to missed climate targets and non-compliant reporting, and can expose businesses to allegations of greenwashing.

Partnering for accurate emissions measurement

Nordea is collaborating with Normative to give its corporate customers a digital tool enabling them to measure their greenhouse gas emissions, track emissions reductions, and report progress to stakeholders like customers and investors.

“Today, we are taking an important step to support our customers in their ambitions. Nordea customers in Sweden will be able to measure their emissions using Normative’s science-based carbon accounting. We want to make a difference together with our customers and support them in making sustainable choices, contributing to a sustainable society,” says Peter Dalmalm, Head of Business Banking Sweden.