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Normative for manufacturing

As supply chains face fluctuating prices of energy and transportation, many manufacturers are searching for sustainable and ethical suppliers to reduce risk in the value chain.

At the same time, distributors and retailers are demanding comprehensive, rigorous carbon reporting from manufacturers.

Normative provides accurate carbon calculations throughout the supply chain, empowering manufacturers to minimize risk and comply with reporting requirements.


Manufacturing generates a significant amount of carbon, but accounting for those emissions is particularly challenging.


Global emissions from manufacturing and production sectors (World Bank)


Food and consumer brands with no net-zero plans (CDP)


Consumers that expect the brands they buy to minimize environmental impact (P&G)

Barriers to accurate carbon reporting

Manufacturers work with suppliers from all over the world, and the quantity of data can make it time-consuming to achieve even basic emissions calculations.

In addition, these suppliers’ geographic spread and varying levels of digitalization can lead to inconsistent data quality and coverage.

It’s next to impossible to thoroughly analyze this big data without digital solutions.

Why Normative

  • 100% coverage

    Eliminate guesswork in emissions measurement with Normative. Our hybrid carbon calculation methodology uses both activity and financial data to achieve full emissions coverage.

  • Value chain insights

    Use deep value chain insights to minimize risks in your supplier network, choosing vendors with lower energy usage and reliable carbon reporting.

  • Accurate calculations

    With auditable, accurate calculations, Normative’s emissions measurements meet reporting requirements for your buyers, investors, and regulators.

Hitachi Rail’s precise Scope 3 emissions tracking

Showcasing Normative’s pivotal role, Hitachi Rail elevated their Scope 3 emissions tracking from a mere 10-13% to an impressive 90%+ coverage. This transformation highlights the power of detailed carbon accounting for substantial transparency in supplier emissions.

Uncover their success story. Watch the video to see how Hitachi Rail’s commitment to sustainability is shaping the future of carbon reduction in manufacturing.

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“Normative improved our measurement accuracy so we could better report our emissions.”

Jayne Higham Graduate Research Engineer at MTC

Carbon insights to drive proactive decision-making

  • Comprehensive carbon calculation
  • Expert support
  • Audit and compliance-ready
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