About us

We are a team who wants to contribute to a faster transition towards a sustainable society by helping companies get better at measuring their sustainability. We are passionate about effective altruism, which aim to determine the most effective ways to benefit others. Through increased transparency with Normative, we believe that more people and businesses can become effective altruists.

Kristian Rönn


Robin Undall-Behrend


Adam Wamai Egesa


Sebastian Westberg

Full-stack Developer

Marie Persson

Head of Talent

Anton Palmqvist

Full-stack Developer

Gustav Bramberg

Head of Customer Success

Natali Zenia Bremer

Executive Assistant & Business Development

Morten Rosén

VP Strategy & Sales

Jonatan Carlsson

Partner & Commercial Lead

Lonis Hamaili

Intern & Growth Hacker

Imogen Maria Fallon

Intern & Chief Editor

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