Free webinar: How to measure net zero success

Carbon reporting needs standardization. Learn why – and what your business should do to prepare.

31st of May at 15.00-16.00 CEST

    Standardized reporting for net-zero success

    Even as corporate emissions reporting becomes legally required around the world, there is no standard framework for building and sharing the crucial information contained in those reports. Without standardization, how can companies compare themselves to their peers or track emissions across international departments?

    In this webinar, experts will explain why a standardized framework is key for businesses to measure net-zero success.

    Why you should join the webinar:

    • Learn how standardized reporting frameworks will enable easier benchmarking, simpler emissions comparisons with your peer companies, and more accurate measurements of reduction over time.
    • Understand what your organization can do to help shape and build these standardized frameworks – and how the frameworks will soon impact your organization.
    • Hear from leaders in the field like Nitin Garg from Intuit, who is responsible for collecting and analyzing the up and downstream emissions of Intuit’s millions of customers around the world.


    Stefan Henningsson – Senior Climate Specialist, Nordea
    Julia Salant – Head of Sustainability Innovation, EcoVadis
    Nitin Garg – Global Customer Sustainability Leader, Intuit
    Kaya Axelsson – Policy Engagement Fellow, Oxford Net Zero
    Kristian Rönn – CEO and Co-Founder, Normative
    Dr. Alexander Schmidt – Head of Science and Climate Research, Normative