On-demand webinar · 22. Nov 2023

Founder Announcement:
Revolutionizing carbon accounting through collaboration

Join Normative’s CEO Kristian Rönn to discover the Carbon Network – the latest innovation reshaping global supply chain sustainability.

22nd of November
13:00 – 13:45 CET / 12:00 – 12:45 GMT

The future of carbon accounting

Normative’s mission is to make known and reduce the sustainability impact of the world’s business activities. Since 2014, our comprehensive carbon calculations  have driven reduction strategies for businesses worldwide.

Despite ambitious net-zero targets and sustainability goals, businesses are constrained by limited transparency into supply chain emissions. It’s impossible to make proactive decisions in the dark.

In this webinar, Normative Founder and CEO Kristian Rönn will talk about the future of the carbon accounting industry – and how a collaborative, networked, data-forward approach will get the world on a realistic – and verifiable – path towards net zero.


Join our webinar for:

  • Kristian’s perspective on the present and future of carbon accounting, and the wider impacts for sustainability, regulation, and business.
  • A peek into Normative’s latest product developments around the Carbon Network.
  • A conversation with PwC’s David Marriage, a leading expert on the sustainability industry.
Headshot of Kristian Rönn