On-demand webinar · 19. Mar 2024

How to ace employee engagement: The key to decarbonization

How well are you using your most valuable resource to drive progress toward net zero? Hear from the Chief People Officer at loveholidays, the former CRO at Peakon, and a senior climate strategist to discover employee engagement strategies that will build your sustainability culture.

Engage your employees today to reduce emissions tomorrow

Employees are increasingly passionate about environmental causes – and increasingly sophisticated in how they evaluate green claims. 2 in 3 employees are more likely to work for a company with strong environmental policies, according to Unily. So when you have employees so invested in sustainability, it is essential to use this positivity for the benefit of your business. 


When employees are empowered with knowledge – like the environmental impact of their business activities – they can own decision-making and long-term planning for decarbonization within their functions. So, how can you make this a reality in your organization?


Join the webinar to learn how to engage your employees in sustainability, increase their knowledge and understanding of climate science, boost their ability to work with environmental data, and ultimately accelerate your company’s journey to net-zero emissions.

What you’ll learn from the webinar:

  • Examples of impactful employee engagement from Rick Kershaw (Chief People Officer at loveholidays), Neil Ryland (CCO at Normative), and Carolina Bardon Hagstedt (Director of People at Normative).
  • Johnny McCreesh, Normative Senior Climate Strategist, will explain how to integrate sustainability into an effective employee engagement program.
  • Ross Doherty, Normative Director of Ecosystem, will provide an overview of Normative’s bespoke employee engagement solution, and outline how it can benefit your business ASAP.


Headshot of Rick Kershaw from LoveHoliday

Rick Kershaw

Chief People Officer at loveholidays

Neil Ryland

CCO at Normative

Headshot of Johnny Johnny McCreesh Climate Strategy Advisor at Normative

Johnny McCreesh

Senior Climate Strategist at Normative

Headshot of Carolina Bardon Hagstedt

Carolina Bardon Hagstedt

Director of People at Normative