On-demand webinar · 24. Jan 2024

Carbon calculation in just 30 days

Time is tight to meet deadlines for carbon emissions reporting – but you can still meet these requirements if you act right now. Find out how in this webinar.

24th of January
15:00 – 15:45 CET / 14:00 – 14:45 GMT

The quickest turnaround for carbon reporting

Our first webinar of 2024 tackles one of the biggest challenges facing sustainability decision-makers and business leaders – successfully navigating reporting season. 48% of organizations struggle to meet compliance requirements, according to Normative’s Carbon Accountability Report – you are not alone.

Nor is any organization. Our team of experts and climate strategists are here to help you manage reporting season, so that you can create a carbon baseline from which you can actively reduce emissions in future. The first step is to meet this year’s reporting requirements – join this webinar to find out exactly what you need to do to turn this around in the next few months.


  • The carbon accounting landscape – learn what reporting challenges your peers are facing in business across a wide range of industries, based on our latest research
  • Uncover the key steps you need to take, and in what timeframe, to meet this year’s carbon reporting requirements
  • Find out how Normative can help you deliver against these targets


Moderated by Michael Creane, Content Marketing Manager, Normative

Dimitris Stoidis - Associate Climate Strategy Advisor

Dimitris Stoidis

Associate Climate Strategy Advisor, Normative

Headshot of Taylor Seidel

Taylor Seidel

Product Marketing, Normative