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Normative accelerates the transition to net-zero emissions

We’re driven by an unshakable sense of purpose, an urgency to act, and the motivation to devote our talents and energy to fighting the planet’s most important fight.

At Normative, we spend our workdays developing, supporting, communicating, and selling our carbon accounting engine, to help businesses achieve net zero. And we’d like your help.

Normative employees

“I can really thrive in Normative’s dynamic work environment and its culture of respect and authenticity.”

Irina Novoselska, Engineering Manager

“Above all, I feel safe as an employee at a company that respects me and the planet, and proud to be part of the change toward a more sustainable norm for business.”

Teddy Nakakeeto, Accounting Assistant
Tristan McCarthy

“It’s exciting to be surrounded by people who have an understanding of the problems the world faces and the motivation to solve them.”

Tristan McCarthy, Product Manager
Tristan McCarthy

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Normative’s core values

  • Be one team

    Everyone is invited, included, and needed in the planet’s most important fight – we are one team, together in the fight for our one planet.

  • Build the norm

    We continuously develop, research, and improve to accelerate the global transition to Net Zero.

  • Own what matters

    There’s no time to waste: we make sure to get things done, and focus on what has the highest impact.