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Normative for retail

Retailers are subject to the same government regulations and compliance requirements as other industries, but producing accurate emissions measurements is challenging. Retailers have large scope 1 and 2 emissions from brick and mortar stores, in addition to huge scope 3 emissions from the many products they source and sell to consumers.

More than ever, consumers choose to shop at retailers with purposeful brands. Building that brand equity is an opportunity – and a risk. 

Marketing campaigns based on inconsistent or incomplete carbon calculations can quickly lead to damaging accusations of greenwashing.


Retail generates a significant amount of carbon, but accounting for those emissions is particularly challenging.


Global emissions from retail supply chains (WBCSD)


Possible emissions reduction from supply chain and energy efficiency (WEF)


Consumers that expect the brands they buy to minimize environmental impact (P&G)

Barriers to accurate carbon reporting

Measuring emissions is particularly difficult for retailers. In addition to the emissions from their stores, a retailer’s supply chain can contain tens of thousands of distributors, manufacturers, and transportation providers – all of which contribute to the retailer’s carbon footprint.

This results in millions of lines of data, which is displayed in different formats and located in various channels.

It’s next to impossible to thoroughly analyze this big data without digital solutions.

How Normative works
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Why Normative

  • Carbon hotspot analysis

    Use carbon hotspot analysis to examine emissions by store, region, or country. By identifying high-emitting locales, you can determine where to source renewable energy first.

  • Value chain insights

    With comprehensive value-chain insights, review which suppliers contribute the most to your carbon footprint. Encourage suppliers to make reductions which will lower their carbon emissions – and yours.

  • Accurate calculations

    With auditable, accurate calculations, use Normative metrics to build a sustainable brand that consumers will choose first.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s supply chain emission insights

Grasping the complexity of their vast supply chain, Flying Tiger Copenhagen partnered with Normative to meticulously calculate and set SBTi-approved reduction targets, unveiling emissions from over 1000 factories.

Watch the video to understand how strategic carbon footprint calculation propels industry leaders towards ambitious net zero goals with Normative’s expertise.

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“A great tool to measure our sustainability work and communicate it in an easy way, both internally and external.”

Malin Stenkilsson, Scapa
Malin Stenkilsson Director of sustainability – Scapa
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Carbon insights to drive proactive decision-making

  • Comprehensive carbon calculation
  • Expert support
  • Audit and compliance-ready
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