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Climate risk, climate opportunity

Scientists and policymakers have agreed: to limit the harmful effects of climate change, the world must limit global warming to less than 1.5°C.

Since the industrial revolution, businesses have been responsible for the vast majority of all greenhouse emissions. Now, businesses can lead the way to a sustainable future.

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Why now

The world is moving to a net zero economy. Banks and investors are requiring carbon disclosures and consumers are demanding sustainable options.

Proactive emissions management reduces the risk of compliance failures while saving operational costs and increasing brand equity. To be effective, this work must be founded on data – but accurate emissions data is hard to find.

The greatest barrier to proactive climate action is the lack of accuracy in emissions accounting.

The Accuracy Gap

  • Compliance

    Poor carbon reporting exposes your company to lawsuits, loss of revenue, and reputational damage. Detailed, comprehensive, and Green House Gas Protocol-aligned reporting ensures compliance with today’s regulations – and those on the horizon.

  • Finance

    Without a reliable emissions baseline, reduction initiatives are impossible to verify. Rigorous and transparent calculations protect your business from accusations of greenwashing and ensure sound reporting.

  • Brand equity

    Sustainability can boost brand equity – internally and externally. Recruit and retain engaged employees with an evidence-based sustainability strategy. Attract consumers by positioning your brand as an industry-leader for environmental action.

The path to net zero

Measurement is the first step of the net-zero journey. A reliable emissions baseline can be shared with stakeholders and used for compliance. Set targets and measure progress.

Use the insights in your emissions profile to manage and reduce your overall emissions. Track progress against your baseline.

Invest in high-quality carbon removal projects that will literally remove carbon from the air. Reach net zero.

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Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s climate leadership

Embracing the urgency of climate action, Flying Tiger Copenhagen collaborated with Normative to navigate their complex supply chain. This partnership led to a detailed carbon footprint analysis and the setting of SBTi-approved targets, uncovering emissions from a network of over 1000 factories.

Watch the video to see how Flying Tiger Copenhagen exemplifies proactive climate stewardship, demonstrating the critical role of timely carbon accounting in guiding businesses toward impactful net zero objectives.

Carbon insights to drive proactive decision-making

  • Comprehensive carbon calculation
  • Expert support
  • Audit and compliance-ready
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