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Legislation and consumer demands are forcing businesses to take decarbonization seriously.

Faced with barriers to entry, knowledge gaps, and changing regulations, businesses are seeking expert support.

Use Normative with your clients to build long-lasting partnerships. Calculate emissions with speed and accuracy so your clients can set realistic goals – and reach them.


Businesses generate a significant amount of carbon, but accounting for those 
emissions is challenging.


Of Europe’s largest public companies have made 2050 net-zero pledges. (Harvard Business Review)


Percentage of world’s top 250 companies who produced sustainability reports in 2022 (KPMG)


Percentage of business leaders across North America, Europe and APAC who expect to increase sustainability investments in the coming years (Gartner)

Barriers to accurate carbon reporting

What are scope 3 emissions? Do I need to comply with regulations? How can I avoid being called out for greenwashing?

These are just a few of the questions that you’re probably hearing from clients. And they’re right to ask. There are major risks for businesses that get carbon disclosure wrong, from legal non-compliance to accusations of greenwashing.

Partner with Normative for access to high-powered carbon accounting so that you can spend your time where you can have the biggest impact: providing expert insights and recommendations.

How Normative works

Why Normative

  • Avoid unintentional greenwashing

    Normative’s broad and deep database of over 30 million data points ensures exceptionally-detailed and accurate carbon calculations so that your clients can build ESG reports with confidence.

  • Value chain insights

    Dive into scope 3 (value chain) carbon data to help your clients gain a deeper understanding of their emissions and future sustainability risks. Proactively identify reduction opportunities and make it easy to engage with value chain stakeholders.

  • Efficient Partnership

    Normative will handle the auditable, accurate calculations, so that you can focus on what you do best: bespoke, targeted consulting services that will drive business results while reducing environmental impact.

Carbon insights to drive
proactive decision-making

  • Comprehensive carbon calculation
  • Expert support
  • Audit and compliance-ready
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