Science-based carbon accounting, including hotspot analysis.

On-call net zero experts help you create a tailored reduction plan and a climate investment strategy for what you can’t reduce.

Carbon accounting is the data
foundation for your net-zero journey

Organization & Security

  • Adaptable Organization and Data Structure

    Carbon accounting that reflects the shape of your business. Customize data organization and reports based on region, entity, reporting period, and more.

  • Global Security

    Trust the safety of sensitive data with Multi-Factor Authentication, Social SSO, and audit-grade security credentials.

  • Enterprise SSO

    With support for Azure/Entra ID, AD FS, Google, Okta, and SAML, Normative is fully aligned with your security and compliance policies.

  • Data Collection & Scope 3 Engagement

  • Streamlined Data Collection

    Efficient upload of activity and financial data, with guidance at every step of the process. Data is reviewed and quality-checked at every stage of calculation.

  • API

    Automatically upload financial and activity data across Scope 1, 2, and 3 from your systems into Normative.

  • Automated Scope 3 Data Collection

    Collect primary emissions data and net-zero progress for suppliers. Accommodate suppliers of all sizes with tailored survey tools – even those that have yet to calculate emissions.

  • Calculation Engine

  • Actionable Emissions Database

    Industry-leading selection of activity categorizations, emissions factors, conversions, inflation adjustments, and more.

  • Transparent, Hybrid Calculation Methodology

    Rigorous carbon calculations and reporting, aligned with the GHG Policy, PCAF, and more.

  • Continuous Data Enrichment

    Add additional data context, refine categorizations, and re-calculate emissions to ensure your carbon profile reflects reality.

  • Financed Emissions (Category 3.15)

    PCAF-compliant calculations, investment portfolio dashboards, and additional financial visualizations.

  • Insights

  • Advanced Dashboards

    Analyze your carbon footprint with in-depth dashboards, zoom in on specific Scope 1, 2, and 3 categories, and use intensity metrics to objectively evaluate reduction progress.

  • Carbon Hot Spot Analysis

    Pinpoint emissions sources for your organization and determine where to focus decarbonization activities in all scopes, and throughout the value chain.

  • Supplier Impact Overview

    Engage your value chain and drive scope 3 reductions with insights from the supplier data you’ve collected.

  • One Click Reporting

    Easy export for major environmental reporting and disclosures, including adjusted regional and industry requirements.

  • Climate Expertise

  • Support Throughout the Net-Zero Journey

    From product onboarding to carbon insights, Normative’s climate strategy experts ensure smooth and successful carbon reporting.

  • Knowledge Base, Email and Chat Support

    Resources at every stage of your carbon calculation process.

  • Disclosures and Reporting

    Aligned with major international disclosure frameworks, Normative calculations and expert support ensure confident reporting.

  • Dedicated Climate Strategist

    Your partner on your sustainability journey, available to share insights, best practices, and guidance along the calculation process.

  • Reduction

  • Reduction Scenarios

    Analyze your carbon footprint and find reductions in scopes 1, 2, and 3. Test changes in business activities, material use, and other emissions sources for reduction potential.

  • Impact Explorer

    Assess the impact of changing materials and business activities on your carbon footprint. With 40,000 material and activity emissions factors, discover options that drive real operational changes.

  • Supplier Forecast

    Include supplier reduction targets in your scope 3 decarbonization plan. Work with suppliers to innovate and implement effective reduction strategies.

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