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Climate investment – also known as offsetting and carbon compensation – takes carbon from the atmosphere and stores it where it won’t contribute to climate change.

This carbon removal is the necessary final step on the path to net zero emissions. But it’s also tricky to do properly in an unregulated offsetting field full of misleading promises – and companies that get it wrong face accusations of greenwashing.

Normative’s Carbon Removal Portfolio provides science-based climate investment to compensate emissions you can’t reduce, bringing your company to true net zero.

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Tailored climate investment

Every company’s carbon footprint is unique – so every climate investment strategy should be unique, too.

Our Carbon Removal Portfolio features impact-focused, high-quality carbon removal options that have been vetted by independent experts.

We work with you to select the right removal options for your footprint, so you can ensure you’re fully and permanently compensating your carbon emissions.

Carbon Mineralisation

From our Carbon Removal Portfolio

  • Biochar

    Turn agricultural waste into fertilizer, trapping carbon in the soil and promoting plant life growth.

  • Enhanced weathering

    Accelerate the natural process whereby rainfall traps atmospheric CO2 in rocks.

  • Bio-oil

    Convert atmospheric CO2 into biomass, then into a carbon-rich liquid that is pumped underground.

Measure carbon emission dashboard

Normative provides the path to net zero emissions

  • Measure all carbon emissions

    Normative’s carbon accounting engine calculates your full climate footprint, including scope 3 supply chain emissions.

  • Reduce what you can

    Our net zero experts recommend high-impact actions to reduce your carbon emissions to an absolute minimum.

  • Compensate the remainder

    To compensate your residual emissions, Normative provides high-quality climate investments which are vetted by third-party experts.

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Climate investment should not be used on its own, but instead should be part of your net zero strategy.

Before beginning climate investment, you should comprehensively and precisely measure your business’s carbon emissions and reduce its climate footprint to the absolute minimum.

Then, you should use climate investment to compensate the residual carbon emissions.

In theory, there’s nothing wrong with “carbon offsetting” – the process of balancing a business’s carbon emissions by removing a proportionate amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

In fact, since it is currently nearly impossible to completely eliminate a business’ emissions, carbon removal is essential to help businesses achieve net zero targets in line with the Paris Agreement.

But in practice, the term “carbon offsetting” has become associated with low-quality activities which can be much less effective than the businesses that purchase them believe.

This leads companies to unintentionally “greenwash” by only compensating a fraction of their carbon footprint.

To properly define Normative’s portfolio of high-quality, independently-vetted carbon removal methods, we use the term “climate investment” – because compensating carbon emissions supports the future health of the planet and its inhabitants.

Our carbon removal portfolio features a range of methods, including biochar, enhanced weathering, bio-oil, and CO2 mineralization.

These are backed by science, and vetted by independent third-party experts.

To ensure the methods are of high quality, they’re evaluated on four metrics:

Additionality – the climate investment will lead to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that would not have happened otherwise.

Permanence – the climate investment will result in a quantifiable piece of carbon being kept out of the air forever.

Double-counting – the same investment is not sold multiple times.

Leakage – ensuring the investment will not lead to negative consequences elsewhere.

We offer carbon removal options with high permanence.

This means we don’t work with some common carbon removal methods.

For example, we don’t use tree-planting, which is a common carbon offset method. The typical tree-planting project will only remove carbon for around 50 years.

About Normative

Normative provides science-based carbon accounting software and tailored advice from net zero experts, enabling companies to reduce their carbon footprints.

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