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With data centers, marketing campaigns, and complex equipment, technology companies contribute to global emissions just like any other industry.

While tech companies’ average emissions might be lower than a manufacturing or energy company, the sources of the emissions are more opaque – and more difficult to effectively reduce and report.

Normative’s GHG Protocol-aligned calculation methodology empowers tech companies to report emissions, identify actionable reduction opportunities, and build a culture of sustainability.

From our tech company to yours

Legislation, as well as consumer and investor expectations, are pushing tech businesses to account for their carbon footprints. As a Nordic software company with operations in 3 countries, Normative is no different.

Normative’s 2022 sustainability report includes our second-annual company-wide emissions calculation and outlines our plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2030. In our sustainability report and webinar on reporting best practices, learn how Normative used Normative to see our carbon emissions and to build an actionable net-zero plan.

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Why Normative

  • 100% coverage

    Eliminate guesswork in emissions measurement with Normative. Our hybrid carbon calculation methodology uses both activity and financial data to achieve full emissions coverage.

  • Digital-first data collection

    Collect, process, and visualize emissions data throughout your operations. Share carbon calculations with stakeholders, employees, and regulators.

  • Accurate calculations

    With auditable, accurate calculations, Normative’s emissions measurements meet reporting requirements for your buyers, investors, and regulators.

LucaNet’s carbon accounting success

LucaNet, a leader in corporate performance management, demonstrates how integrating Normative’s carbon analytics can revolutionize sustainability in the tech sector.

Watch the video to see their approach to balancing cutting-edge financial management with robust carbon reduction strategies, showcasing Normative’s role in helping tech firms accurately measure and report their carbon emissions.

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“Normative… uses software to trawl through a company’s transactions to calculate its Scope 3 emissions.”

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