Normative’s 2022 sustainability report

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Last updated: 4. Apr 2024

Normative aims to be net zero by 2030. Our new report shares our plan and progress.

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Kristian Rönn

CEO & Co-founder

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Zmicier Vaskovich

Climate Strategy Advisor

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Evan Farbstein

Content Writer

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At Normative, we provide the data foundation empowering businesses to drive emissions reductions and make progress toward net zero.

But Normative also has its own emissions. We have the same imperative to reach net zero as any other business. And – like thousands of other businesses – we used the Normative carbon accounting engine to produce accurate, comprehensive, and science-backed emissions calculations to guide our net-zero work.

In our annual sustainability report, we share our emissions data from 2022 and explain how we operationalize this data to work toward our goal of net zero by 2030. By showing our net-zero journey, we aim to lead by example and inspire businesses like ours to take data-driven climate action. 

Normative’s 2022 sustainability report

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Normative’s 2022 emissions

In 2022, our emissions amounted to 1293.13 tCO2e.

Like many software companies, our emissions were concentrated in scope 3, accounting for 98.8% of our carbon footprint; scope 2 accounted for 1.2%. Normative did not have any scope 1 emissions in 2022.

Our sustainability report takes a detailed look at Normative’s emissions, the methodology used to calculate them, and the actions and policies we created to address them. 

Accurate carbon accounting is essential to emissions reduction

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. For businesses to effectively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, they first need to understand in detail where these emissions are coming from. 

Accurate, comprehensive, and science-backed carbon accounting gives businesses the data foundation they need to make impactful carbon reductions.

Normative provides the data needed to reach net zero

Our carbon accounting engine follows a Greenhouse Gas Protocol-based methodology and draws from millions of data points to calculate business carbon footprints.

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