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Like energy, the capital that financial institutions invest and manage powers business activities around the globe. And those investments generate carbon. 

Across Europe and the UK, new emissions regulations require financial institutions to complete extensive and auditable carbon disclosures. In addition, private and corporate customers have changing expectations for transparency from their bankers and investors. 

Aside from their own disclosures, financial professionals need to understand carbon metrics to assess the climate risk in the loans and investments they make. 


The vast majority of emissions in the financial industry come from investments, but accounting for those emissions is particularly challenging.


More emissions from investments than from direct emissions sources. (CDP)


Of disclosing financial institutions that are on track for net zero. (CDP)


Trillion committed to businesses on the path to net-zero as part of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.

Barriers to accurate carbon reporting

Private equity, venture capital, and asset managers struggle with comprehensive and accurate carbon accounting because of the complexity of the reporting process. 

Financial institutions need to collect primary data from a huge variety of assets and investments, and to rigorously calculate the emissions from those assets.

Any carbon accounting solution for finance must include automated data intake and organization, and scientifically-rigorous calculations that are aligned with global reporting frameworks like GHGp and PCAF.

How Normative works
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Why Normative

  • Evaluate risk

    Make investment decisions based on verifiable carbon metrics and emissions reduction progress to minimize the climate risk in your portfolio.

  • Design green products

    Use insights from your investment portfolio and other managed assets to design effective, and attractive, green financial products.

  • Compounding impact

    With expert guidance and the right carbon metrics, financial institutions can direct capital towards businesses that are having a positive impact.

Navigating carbon compliance in finance

In the finance sector, where capital investments have a global carbon impact, Normative introduces a vital tool for carbon reporting. Designed to meet the growing demands for transparency and regulatory compliance, it aids financial institutions in providing detailed, auditable carbon reports.

Watch the video to learn how Normative’s solution assists financial professionals in understanding carbon metrics, crucial for evaluating climate risks in loans and investments, and meeting the expectations of increasingly eco-conscious customers.

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“We’re collaborating with Normative to find solutions that have real impact as we push our portfolio companies to be better on every aspect of ESG, including carbon accounting and reduction.”

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