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Climate change has confronted businesses with new and unprecedented challenges.

No matter their industry, businesses are dealing with new carbon reporting requirements, greenwashing risks, volatile supply chains, fluctuating energy costs, and challenges in employee recruiting and retention.

Any business can use carbon accounting to uncover emissions throughout their entire operations – and offers a roadmap to decarbonization, risk minimization, and investment opportunities


The world’s industries generate a significant amount of carbon, but accounting for those emissions is particularly challenging.


Companies fail to measure the full scope of their emissions (BCG)


Businesses in the EU must report full emissions in accordance with CSRD


World’s financial capital committed to net-zero investments (PWC)

Barriers to accurate carbon reporting

Like many areas of modern business, accurate carbon accounting depends on a massive amount of data – and it’s nearly impossible to discover emissions trends without expertise and automation.

This challenge is compounded in the value chain, which makes up over 90% of the emissions for most companies. Supply chain data must be incorporated from tens of thousands of individual suppliers from around the world, many of whom will deliver emissions data in differing formats and quality. A complete emissions profile requires effective processing all of this data.

Why Normative

  • 100% coverage

    Eliminate guesswork in emissions measurement with Normative. Our hybrid carbon calculation methodology uses both activity and financial data to achieve full emissions coverage.

  • Value chain insights

    Use deep value chain insights to minimize risks in your supplier network, choosing vendors with lower energy usage and reliable carbon reporting.

  • Accurate calculations

    With auditable, accurate calculations, Normative’s emissions measurements meet reporting requirements for your buyers, investors, and regulators.

Normative Product Overview

Learn how Normative processes a vast amount of data to deliver an exceptionally accurate carbon calculation.

“Normative… uses software to trawl through a company’s transactions to calculate its Scope 3 emissions.”

“Normative… uses software to trawl through a company’s transactions to calculate its Scope 3 emissions.”

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Carbon insights to drive proactive decision-making

  • Comprehensive carbon calculation
  • Expert support
  • Audit and compliance-ready
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