On-demand webinar · 30. May 2023

Sustainability report best practices

Join ESG reporting experts from PwC and Normative to learn about the opportunities, challenges, and surprises (!) in the carbon accounting and reporting process of a fast-growing tech company.

Carbon accounting at a fast-growing tech scale-up company.

Legislation, as well as consumer and investor expectations, are pushing businesses to account for their carbon footprints. As a Nordic company with operations in 3 countries, Normative is no different.

Normative’s 2022 sustainability report includes our second-annual company-wide emissions calculation. For the first time, it also outlines our plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2030.

This webinar will be focused on the process, learnings, and best practices behind the report. Hear from Normative CEO Kristian Rönn about how we used carbon calculations to identify reduction initiatives, and how we plan to hold ourselves accountable to our reduction goals.

Best Practices in Reporting

To get an overview of successful environmental and carbon reporting, we’ll be joined by two reporting experts from PwC. Bring your questions – there will be time for a Q&A!

Join the webinar to learn:

  • Best practices in carbon reporting from PwC UK’s Director of ESG Sustainability Reporting and Transformation Director.
  • The learnings and surprises from Normative’s carbon accounting process, and how that carbon data informed our sustainability policies and net-zero plan.
  • An outlook from Kristian Rönn on the importance of carbon reporting, net-zero plans, and concrete reduction initiatives.


Moderated by Taylor Seidel – Senior Product Marketing Manager at Normative.

Headshot of Kristian Rönn

Kristian Rönn

CEO & Co-founder of Normative


Zmicier Vaskovich

Climate Strategy Advisor at Normative

Sam Preece

Sam Preece

Director, ESG Sustainability reporting, PwC UK


Bryan Hartlin

Transformation Director, PwC UK