Normative’s culture

Normative - Culture

Our vision is to make known and reduce the sustainability impact of all economic activities on the planet.

Normative - Culture

It’s a big job – but we know our talented and driven team is up to the challenge.

With our vision at the core of our culture, we have also built a set of shared values that will help us succeed.

Hybrid Remote

Normative is a hybrid remote company, and we want to provide our employees with as much flexibility as possible. The amount of flexibility might differ depending on your role, team and tasks. However, in general, we believe it’s up to the employee to decide on when and where they are able to perform their best work.

Normative - Hybrid rRemote

Sustainability at Normative

Normative exists to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The more emissions we can reduce, the more we can mitigate the risks of climate change.

We get closer to our goal by keeping our own emissions small while empowering our customers to reduce theirs. We want to be a role model and to show that the sustainable choice doesn’t have to be a compromise – it can be the better option.

Here are some of the things we do to reduce our own emissions:

We always choose video conferences over unsustainable travel when the former is possible and sufficient. If the train trip takes under six hours, we go by train.

For company-wide meetings and events, we choose hotels and venues that have clear sustainability policies.

When we pay with company money, we choose vegan food by a default.

We put in a lot of effort for our offices to keep our own emissions small, including using certified renewable electricity, installing water-saving tap nozzles on all water taps, and buying second-hand furniture.

We don’t produce swag/merch unless we are confident the recipients will appreciate and use it.

We always follow local recycling advice.

Normative’s core values

  • Be one team

    Everyone is invited, included, and needed in the planet’s most important fight – we are one team, together in the fight for our one planet.

  • Build the norm

    We continuously develop, research, and improve to accelerate the global transition to Net Zero.

  • Own what matters

    There’s no time to waste: we make sure to get things done, and focus on what has the highest impact.