On-demand webinar · 14. Nov 2023

How to use automation to accelerate your carbon reporting

As carbon reporting season approaches, learn how automation can speed up your data collection and emissions calculations.

November 14th
14:00 – 14:45 CET / 13:00 – 13:45 GMT

It’s time to begin preparing your carbon reporting

While most legally-mandated climate disclosures will be due in April, the process should begin much earlier than that.

To disclose your business’ full emissions – including the value chain emissions in scope 3 – you will have to collect data from suppliers and contractors. This can be a time-consuming process, and one that’s vital to do properly – inaccurate reporting can result in allegations of greenwashing, financial consequences, and legal non-compliance.

In this webinar, Normative’s experts explained how automation can help you accelerate the process of collecting and reporting your emissions while ensuring that your disclosures have scientific integrity. We looked at what you need to do today and how you can benefit from continuous carbon insights in future.


The webinar covered:

  • An overview of major carbon reporting legislation in the EU, UK, and around the world.
  • How your business can use automation to accelerate its carbon reporting.
  • Real-world examples and practical advice from Normative’s Climate Strategy Advisors, who support carbon reporting for businesses across many regions and industries.


Moderated by Michael Creane, Marketing Content Manager at Normative.


Zmicier Vaskovich

Senior Climate Strategy Advisor at Normative

Sarah Boest-Petersen

Associate Product Marketing Manager at Normative

Michael Creane

Marketing Content Manager at Normative