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Last updated: 4. Apr 2024

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With Normative’s support, Zurich Insurance Group will engage its supply chain in emissions calculation & reduction.

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Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) aims to reach net-zero operational emissions by 2030 and is looking to its suppliers to set their own emissions reduction and net zero targets.

In pursuit of its ambitions, Zurich has teamed up with Normative to better understand and reduce its supply chain emissions.

Driving emissions reduction across the value chain

For most businesses, the value chain – which includes suppliers, transportation, and product use – is responsible for around 90% of emissions. This makes the value chain vital to address for businesses committed to reaching net-zero.

Reducing emissions requires understanding where they come from. However, value chain emissions are tricky to calculate – especially for large businesses, whose suppliers can number in the thousands.

Zurich is one of only five insurance companies to be recognized with Supply Chain Engagement Leader status by CDP. To complement its net-zero plan, for its own operations Zurich aims to direct 75% of its Managed Procurement Spend1 toward suppliers that have science-based emission reduction targets by 2025, and net-zero targets by 2030.

Normative supports Zurich to help their suppliers calculate their carbon footprints, laying the groundwork for effective emissions reduction work.

Normative powers your journey to net zero

Normative’s carbon accounting engine provides the accurate and granular carbon data needed to drive significant emissions reductions.

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1 Managed Procurement Spend is the spend of approximately USD 2 billion annually managed by Zurich’s Procurement and Vendor Management function on goods and services that are required to enable Zurich to maintain and develop its operations.