Guide to CSRD

What is the impact on my business?

What is the impact on my business?

In the 2024 financial year, approximately 50,000 companies inside and outside of the EU will have to apply the new legislation designed to standardize carbon reporting with an overall aim of reducing greenwashing.

With our carbon accounting solution and sustainability experts, we’ll make sure you’re prepared ahead of time – while identifying opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint.

What legislation applies to your business?

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Do I need to comply?

If you meet two of the following three conditions, you must report for CSRD. Listed SMEs, and non-EU-based companies with subsidiaries or securities in the EU with a net turnover of over €150 million in the Union for each of the last two consecutive financial years must also comply with CSRD.


in net turnover, accounting for the profitability of your business


in assets, accounting for the size of your business


or more employees, accounting for the size and the social impact of your business

What else should I know about CSRD?

At the start of 2025, companies that qualify will have to report their 2024 sustainability data in a standardized digital format – after which it will be audited for compliance.

This will likely include information on scope 3 emissions, which is all indirect emissions related to a company’s activities across the value chain (such as business travel or waste disposal).

But reporting on this particular scope can be cumbersome and complex – which is where Normative plays a pivotal role.

CSRD compliance in one click

With Normative One-Click Reporting, automatically export your carbon emissions calculations in a CSRD-compliant format.

  • Stay on top of regional and industry reporting requirements with automatically formatted carbon reports.
  • Ensure your reports are audit-proof with Normative’s scientific calculations, rigorous versioning, and proven reporting track record.
  • Access expert climate strategists to analyze and activate your carbon data.
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