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Value Chain Engagement

Uncover value chain emissions

For most enterprises, almost 90% of emissions can be found in the value chain. The size and complexity of global value chains, combined with the inconsistency of supplier carbon data, have made it difficult to calculate scope 3 emissions with rigor. For an enterprise to make significant emissions reductions, it must focus on reducing value chain emissions.

Start collecting supplier data today
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Engage your value chain with Normative

Collect supplier data

Invite your suppliers to share primary carbon data with you – just send a link for them to get started.

Engage suppliers in reduction

As suppliers share primary data with you, see your scope 3 emissions in high-resolution to prioritize value chain reduction efforts.

Connected calculations

Refine your carbon footprint calculations by integrating primary supplier data.

“Normative has given us a comprehensive overview of emissions throughout our value chain. We’re able to pinpoint high-emitting suppliers, helping the wider business make strategic decisions to decarbonize our activities.”

Isaac Pelham-Chipper Sustainability and ESG Supply Chain Manager, The Restaurant Group

“The simplicity of the supplier engagement module in Normative has made it so much easier to bring our suppliers into our net-zero journey, no matter how mature they are in their own climate work.”

Kirsten Motyl Senior ESG Officer at Pebble Group and Brand Addition

Reduce your scope 3 emissions with value chain engagement. Book a demo with Normative to see how.