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Finally you can skip manual labor and automate your sustainability reporting.
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Upload existing data from your in your ERP-system, bookkeeping system, purchasing system, HR-system and similar. It can be everything from bookkeeping records, invoices, bill-of-materials, HR-data and more.


We make customised upload templates based on the data you have. If it's possible to automate the upload process we will do that as well.


Directly after you have uploaded data in Normative you gain immediate insights on the company's carbon dioxide emissions and energy use in Scope 1, 2 and 3 but you also gain other insights, such as how your company affects biodiversity and human health.

Procurement Planning

Make your procurements sustainable by analysing them with Normative first.


You can immediately report according to international standards like GRI, CDP and GHG-protokollet and create reports that follow laws and regulations, like EU-directive 2014/95/EU.

Track important KPIs Automatically

You immediately get several quantitative KPIs for each report which are supplemented with qualitative data-templates that covers that specific standard.

Minskade kostnader med Normative

Get the Best and Decrease Costs at the Same Time

The cost of establishing a sustainability report is around € 200,000 according to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. With Normative you automatically get 69% of all the fields in a GRI-report and 77% of a CDP-report. This enables you to both save money and get results faster!

The Best Sustainability Plans on the Market!

Choose one of the plans below to get the easiest and best way to report on your company's sustainability.

If you want to know more about sustainability reporting. During a day's workshop we will go through everything you need to know to write a sustainability report.
What is sustainability reporting?
The legal requirements
Benefits of sustainability reporting
Review of GRI and other standards
Create an actionable plan and effective process
Get what you need to create a sustainability report and use the software yourself or let one of our sustainability accountants send you what you need during a whole bookkeeping year.
Customised data upload template
Guaranteed coverage of your Scope 1, 2 and 3 calculations.
Create reports according to GRI, CDP, ISO 2600 etc.
Dedicated sustainability accountant
Everything in the workshop package
If you don't want to worry about anything. We fix all the reports that Normative supports for you during a whole bookkeeping year.
Materiality analysis
Gap analysis and working plan
Review of policies and frameworks
Full-scale report for any of the supported standards
Everything in the workshop package
Everything in the software package

Do you need help with anything else than the plans can give you? Then we are here for you! Contact us for a free consultation and you will see what we can offer you.

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