Reporting of whistleblowing incidents

At Normative, we value transparency and accountability. If you have information about any unethical or inappropriate activities within, or connected to, our organization, we encourage you to speak up.

Normative encourages employees to use internal mechanisms for reporting.

You can report concerns to our dedicated whistleblowing team by sending an email to [email protected] or by sending a letter to our whistleblowing officer:

Kristina Osterling
Normative AB
Folkungagatan 44
118 26 Stockholm

The whistleblowing team consists of the Director of Finance, the Head of Compliance and the HR Generalist team lead.

We encourage anybody who shares a concern to be open with their identity. All messages received will be handled confidentially. You have the right to remain anonymous when reporting an incident but please note that it can make it harder to understand the context and to take proper action. If you choose to be anonymous, remember to include as much information as possible in your letter or email, since the whistleblowing officer and/or team will have no possibility to follow up with you if you do not provide any contact details.

Your disclosure is protected under the Swedish Whistleblowing Act safeguarding you from any adverse actions. We appreciate your dedication to upholding ethical standards within our organization.