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Normative at COP28

Normative’s COP28 livestreams, insights, and partners.

Dubai, November 30th – December 12th, 2023

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Normative is at COP28 to close the execution gap

There are more net-zero commitments from countries and businesses than ever before. But we need to close the gap between commitment and climate action, and see these commitments translated into impactful emissions reductions.

At COP28, Normative will work to enable the levers of climate action.

We are urging policy makers to continue on the path to more standardized and comprehensive disclosure requirements. However, it will ultimately be the actions of businesses that will determine the success of the fight against climate change – so we are also encouraging industry and enterprise leaders to take a proactive approach in leading the way to net zero.

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What is the future of scope 3 emissions?

We often hear about the challenges that enterprises are navigating to deliver the transition towards net zero, and seize the opportunities that lie therein.

In this panel, you will hear about the solutions. How enabling technology will provide seamless exchange of carbon data. How businesses can adjust for data exchange and decarbonize the economy. How standardization and policy are to play a pivotal role.

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Calculating scope 3 emissions with consistency and scientific rigor is crucial to reach net zero. But businesses are being held back by the complexity of value chains, and inconsistent carbon data from suppliers.

Listen to leaders in the field about learnings and experiences on their net zero journeys, as they share their thoughts on the pathway forward.

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Financed emissions are almost 700 times larger than directly-generated emissions for the industry and thus pose a huge challenge for actors of the industry to calculate.

In this panel, speakers will address the power of large companies and banks to influence the transition towards net-zero, and how science-based and accurate carbon calculations enables them to take control of their value chain emissions while creating long-term resilience and growth for their business.

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Normative is part of the Business Sweden delegation at COP28

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Making greenhouse gas emissions visible

Normative’s science-backed carbon accounting reveals the greenhouse gas emissions throughout a business’s operations
and value chain, empowering enterprises to drive emissions reductions at scale.

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