Calculate emissions. Report. Reduce.

A powerful engine to map your business activities, calculate their footprint, reveal emissions hotspots, and discover the quickest path to impactful reductions.

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Carbon accounting product dashboard

Take control of your emissions

The journey to net zero
starts with responsive insights

To reduce your carbon emissions, you need accurate, specific, and actionable data. Normative goes beyond basic carbon calculations, offering a robust engine designed for visibility, control, and emission reduction planning.

Accurate insights illustration
Accurate Insights

Precision is key in the race to net zero. We transform complex business data into crystal-clear insights – 100% coverage, across scope 1,2, and 3 emissions.

Actionable steps illustration
Actionable steps

Action drives change. We guide you from awareness to action with responsive insights that make carbon management metrics as tangible as financial ones.

Sustainable growth illustration
Sustainable Growth

Environmental goals and business performance should go hand in hand. We deliver auditable calculations for reporting and disclosure, so you can focus on sustainability-driven business growth.

Effective strategies, real results

Hear what our customers have to say about us:
“I trust Normative’s honest and dependable calculations to guide our carbon reductions.”
Trine Pondal - Sustainability Flying Tiger
Trine Pondal Head of Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Flying Tiger Copenhagen
“The platform is fantastic! With Normative, we can monitor our full carbon footprint – and focus on taking action toward reaching our climate targets.”
Headshot of Anne Veiksaar, Eltel
Anne Veiksaar Sustainability and Communications Manager
Eltel Group
“A great tool to measure our sustainability work and communicate it in an easy way, both internally and external.”
Malin Stenkilsson, Scapa
Malin Stenkilsson Director of sustainability

How it works

Streamline your carbon accounting

Start your journey
  • Capture Data

    Our engine extracts high-resolution carbon calculations from your business data, turning raw numbers into responsive insights.

  • Get Visibility

    Get an holistic view of your emissions enhanced with analysis from climate experts.

  • Disclose and Plan

    Model future reduction scenarios, complete compliant disclosures, and build verifiable reduction initiatives.

  • Engage and Refine

    Identify granular data sources and emissions hotspots, engage suppliers, and refine your strategy to achieve net zero.

Start your journey

Automate the hard stuff

The easiest carbon accounting
platform you’ll ever use

Smart Data Collection

Benefit from a streamlined data collection process and a flexible data architecture that scales with your organization.

  • Unlimited customizable carbon footprints
  • Scalable data organization
  • AI-powered matching of business activities to the relevant Emissions Factors
Illustration of data collection
Advanced Dashboards

Empower your decision-making with intuitive dashboards and clear data trends. Leverage the insights-focused interface for complete carbon hotspot analysis.

  • Real-time data visualization
  • Automated supplier data collection
  • Carbon emissions API
Illustration of advanced dashboards
Easy Reporting

Simplify your sustainability reporting for effortless disclosure. Explore supplier impact overviews and use ongoing data enrichment for targeted carbon reduction efforts.

  • One-click reporting to support with CSRD, SECR, and other leading disclosures
  • Detailed supplier footprint
  • Data-rich visualizations for stakeholder engagement
illustration of exporting report

Getting started is the first step to net zero

Schedule a live personal demo to see how our platform can help your business reduce emissions and achieve net zero.

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Cut carbon where it counts

Spend time on what matters: Reduction

Turn insights into action. Set benchmarks, track progress, and adjust strategies with tools and solutions designed to actively reduce emissions.

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  • Target Setting

    With insights from your business, set targets that are customized and realistic for your business. Verify progress over time in custom dashboards.

  • Supplier Engagement

    See the indirect emissions hidden across your entire value chain. Engage your top-emitters and prioritize impactful reduction efforts.

  • Scenario Analysis

    Model future scenarios with changes to business activities, material consumption, and emissions sources and analyze your carbon footprint in relation to your reduction targets.

  • Impact Comparison Explorer

    Compare material and business activity swaps to see their impact on your carbon footprint. Utilize our database of 40,000 emission factors to discover reduction options.

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Normative employees

Climate expertise for sustainable growth

Harness data with specialized guidance

Our GHG Protocol-certified team supports you in data collection, setting baselines, defining science-aligned targets, and driving impactful reductions.

Learn about the Climate Expertise team

Build a strong supply chain

Know your suppliers, know your impact

The Carbon Network is a powerful tool that enables you to actively involve your suppliers in reducing carbon emissions.

Discover the Carbon Network
Carbon network illustraion

Start tracking
your emissions

Take control of your carbon footprint.

  • Enterprise-grade security protocols
  • Audit and compliance-ready
  • AI-powered Emission Factor Matching
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Yes, you can choose among all the major sustainability reporting standards like GRI, CDP and Nasdaq ESG. But you can also customize metrics according to your sustainability policy.

Yes, our emission calculation engine follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and shows the calculations behind your carbon footprint.

Normative helps you understand your emissions profile, and suggests the highest-impact actions you can take to improve your climate footprint. We also help to get your climate action certified by international bodies like the UN and SBTi.

No, Normative works as a third-party software and doesn’t require you to modify any of your internal systems.

Yes, we comply with GDPR regulations and adopt an approach of security by design and operate on the Principle of Least Privilege. We are ISO27001:2022 certified.