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Deluxe and Normative: charting a sustainable future in entertainment

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16. Feb 2024

Deluxe's collaboration with Normative embeds sustainability at the core of global entertainment.

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Deluxe is a global leader in media and entertainment services, specializing in digital distribution, cinema, mastering, streaming, and asset management. Operating across 11 countries, Deluxe partnered with Normative with a clear ambition: ensuring that its environmental commitment was as remarkable and influential as the content it produces for screens worldwide.

Driven by growing interest from customers, investors, and employees, Deluxe teamed up with Normative to sharpen its focus on emissions reduction under the guidance of Dee Davison, Global Director of Sustainability.

Using Normative’s robust platform, which combines accurate carbon accounting with expert climate strategy, Deluxe converted its vast emissions data into actionable insights. This empowered the company to target and prioritize initiatives that tackle the most significant environmental impacts. 

This strategy led to a noteworthy transition at their Spanish sites, where a shift to renewable energy marked a milestone in Deluxe’s sustainability journey, inspired by Normative’s insightful analytics that identified a top-three emissions source.

For Deluxe, accurate and reliable data isn’t just operational; it’s foundational. The trust placed in Normative’s data integrity is paramount, as it shapes the decisions Deluxe reports to shareholders, stakeholders, and the broader community. It’s the baseline from which all strategies for reduction are built, ensuring that every step toward sustainability is grounded in truth and transparency. 

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