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Eltel Group uses Normative to track its full carbon footprint

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13. Jun 2022

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The enterprise service provider used Normative to help calculate its carbon footprint & achieve scope 1 emissions reductions.

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Anne Veiksaar

Sustainability and Communications Manager at Eltel Group

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Eltel Group is a field service provider that builds, maintains, and upgrades communication and power networks.

With more than 5,000 employees, Eltel is based in the Nordics, and also operates in Poland, Germany, and Lithuania. 

Eltel prides itself on enabling the transition to a lower-carbon world. For example, Eltel provides the infrastructure that facilitates renewable energy generation and electric vehicle charging.

The initial calculation

When Anne Veiksaar began her role at Eltel as Sustainability & Communications Manager in 2019, the company wasn’t using any tools for carbon accounting

Instead, the carbon calculations were done internally, using spreadsheets. For a company of Eltel’s size, collecting the data needed to calculate carbon emissions was a complex and time-consuming task. 

Eltel could now account for its full carbon footprint

Anne turned to Normative for help collecting data and automating emissions calculations. Normative’s climate strategists provided Eltel with tailored data collection templates and ensured the quality of the collected data.

After inputting the data into Normative’s carbon accounting engine, Eltel could see for the first time a comprehensive and detailed view of its carbon footprint.

Because we use Normative, we know that we are measuring 100% of our supply chain emissions.

Anne Veiksaar, Group Sustainability & Communications Manager at Eltel

Enabling climate action

Emissions reductions

To reduce carbon emissions, you first need to calculate them. After Eltel calculated its emissions, it could identify hotspots and seek out places to make reductions.

By 2021, Eltel had reduced its scope 1 emissions by 24.6% – which is a total of 5,012,748 kilograms of CO2-equivalents.

Eltel achieved most of these scope 1 emissions reductions by implementing a more effective vehicle management system, electrifying parts of their fleet, and, in Sweden, switching to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) as a fuel source. Other reductions can be attributed to Eltel’s downsizing initiatives and a divestment.

Reporting & compliance

As a large company operating within the EU, Eltel is subject to the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD). To meet NFRD requirements, companies have to report their climate impact. Because Eltel tracks its carbon emissions with Normative, it can export its emissions data in an NFRD-ready format.

Eltel has also been voluntarily reporting its emissions to the CDP yearly since 2016. Since beginning to use Normative, their grade has improved from a “D” in 2019, to a “B-” in 2021.

Because I know Normative is the world-leading, best tool when it comes to carbon calculations, I feel safe when it comes to reporting Eltel’s climate impact.

Anne Veiksaar, Group Sustainability & Communications Manager at Eltel


Eltel has used its carbon footprint calculation to set science-based climate targets, with specific plans for each country division.

In scope 1, these targets involve continuing to electrify its fleet and transition to fossil-free fuel.

To minimize scope 2 emissions, Eltel aims to use renewable energy in all its premises by 2030.

And to reduce scope 3 emissions, Eltel plans to work with its suppliers in carbon reduction by engaging those with the largest emissions and collaborating with them on calculation and reduction plans.

Eltel’s sustainability results at a glance

  • Reduced scope 1 emissions by 24.6%
  • Improved CDP grade from “D” to “B-”
  • Set carbon reduction targets which have been submitted for validation through the Science Based Targets initiative
  • Stayed compliant with sustainability reporting legislation

The benefits to business

Identifying win-win situations

In addition to improving its climate impact, Eltel has also earned financial and efficiency benefits from accounting for its carbon emissions.

For example, Eltel optimized the driving routes for its technicians, minimizing time costs while saving fuel – and, of course, reducing carbon emissions.

Eltel has also piloted low-carbon innovation projects with its customers such as electrical excavators and microtrenching, in order to reduce the impact during excavation work.

Staying competitive

When it comes to sustainability in the construction sector, companies have traditionally been focused on worker safety.

But in recent years, the attitude has changed, and the demands for climate and environmental sustainability have increased. 

At first, this shift was driven by customers. But increasingly, the demand comes from investors, as external forces – including the EU Taxonomy – connect financial results and sustainability outcomes.

And, in an industry where competition for talent is fierce, companies that work with environmental sustainability face advantages in recruiting employees.

I believe that being a sustainable company will be even more important to attracting employees, in the future.

Anne Veiksaar, Group Sustainability & Communications Manager at Eltel

Eltel’s sustainability results at a glance

  • Optimized business activities resulting in financial and efficiency benefits
  • Meeting customer and investor demands
  • Attracting future employees

You can no longer treat sustainability like a separate subject. It’s integrated in everything we do.

Anne Veiksaar, Group Sustainability & Communications Manager at Eltel

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