Gratte Brothers’ net-zero journey: Building a sustainable future with Normative

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12. Apr 2024

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Forging a path to carbon transparency in building services.

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Gratte Brothers is a UK-based leader in building services supported by a dedicated team of over 500 employees. This third-generation family business, known for its expert design, installation, and maintenance solutions, embarked on a transformative journey toward net-zero emissions.

Blending its rich history since 1946 with a forward-looking environmental commitment, Gratte Brothers is now integrating sustainability into the core of its operations and actively working to redefine industry standards.

Committed to ensuring a positive legacy for future generations, the business sets a precedent by striving to “become part of that 9% of companies that calculate their carbon footprint across all 3 scopes” – as highlighted by Alice Kilner, Gratte Brothers’ Environmental Advisor.

From manual compliance to comprehensive carbon accounting

Prior to its work with Normative, the company had focused on reporting scope 1 and 2 emissions, adhering to compliance requirements while establishing a groundwork for broader carbon accountability.

However, the approach was hindered by manual, time-intensive processes prone to human error, making carbon accounting challenging and not accounting for scope 3 emissions.

The partnership with Normative marked a watershed moment for Gratte Brothers. The shift from manual processes to Normative’s automated platform enabled the company to upload data effortlessly, offering a streamlined and efficient way to calculate carbon emissions and achieve complete scope 1, 2, and 3 coverage.

This transition not only saved time but also provided the ability to compare data across years easily, enhancing its overall strategy for carbon reduction. Furthermore, it empowered the company to break emissions down by operating company within the group. As each entity has its own unique set of hotspots and opportunities, this level of granularity contributes to more targeted and effective strategies.

Results and impact: Empowering action towards net zero

Data-driven transformation

The shift from a manual carbon accounting approach to a streamlined, data-driven strategy was essential to effectively understand and tackle scope 3 emissions. Working with Normative’s extensive calculations and unified dashboard insights brought a new comprehensive perspective, extending the focus beyond internal processes to include the entire supply chain.

The climate strategy advisors from Normative were instrumental in expanding emissions coverage to all 3 scopes as they guided Gratte Brothers through supplier engagement – spreading sustainability knowledge, sharing best practices, and exploring joint solutions for carbon reduction.

This proactive engagement with suppliers marked a significant advancement in managing scope 3 emissions and strengthened relationships across the supply chain. While the initial supplier engagement survey has just concluded, laying the groundwork for future collaboration, the company has already identified several suppliers capable of providing emissions data. The company understood how to report its emissions more effectively while cultivating a shared commitment to sustainability among its suppliers and service providers, reinforcing its position as a forward-thinking leader in the building services sector.

Strategic milestones

Another significant outcome of the collaboration with Normative was setting clear, science-aligned emission reduction targets.

Gratte Brothers has already made impactful strides by sourcing verified renewable energy for all its offices. This responsible choice was aimed at minimizing scope 2 emissions, which are related to the purchase of electricity. By ensuring its energy is renewable, the company aligned with best practices for reducing the carbon footprint associated with its operations.

Leveraging Normative’s analytical insights, Gratte Brothers has set ambitious science-aligned targets to reduce scopes 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by 2030.

With the ability to accurately track progress and dynamically adapt strategies, the company is now ensuring ongoing improvement and exceeding its clients’ expectations in sustainability reporting, solidifying its position as a leader in environmental responsibility and bolstering its brand equity. Proactive efforts in sustainability not only contribute to industry leadership but also play a pivotal role in winning and retaining customers who value exemplary environmental stewardship.

Gratte Brothers’ journey, anchored in a deep-seated commitment to quality and innovative sustainability, resonates with its principle of ‘Quality for Generations.’ As Alice Kilner points out, this dedication marks a potential shift in the industry, where enduring quality and proactive environmental care can increasingly converge, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

The impact at a glance

Automated carbon accountingTransitioned from manual to automated processes with Normative, improving accuracy and efficiency in emissions tracking.
Year-on-year data comparisonCollected and reported the necessary data for precise, year-on-year emissions analysis, enabling better strategic planning and monitoring.
Supplier engagementFacilitated supplier engagement, with the help of the Climate Strategy Advisors, to promote sustainability, enhancing the environmental impact across the supply chain.
Scope 3 emission analysis and managementConducted comprehensive analysis and developed strategies for effectively managing and reducing scope 3 emissions.
Science-aligned emission targetsSet ambitious goals to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by 2030.

Executive summary

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