Hitachi Rail’s scope 3 breakthrough with Normative

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13. Nov 2023

Hitatchi train in workshop

From transactional data to strategic reductions: Hitachi Rail redefined scope 3 emissions tracking

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Faced with the daunting task of tracking the emissions of over 10,000 active suppliers, Hitachi Rail confronted a data challenge of unprecedented scale. The problem was twofold: vast amounts of transactional data and the need for precise emission factor mapping.

The solution came through working with Normative, whose digital tools and automation capabilities enabled the efficient analysis and consolidation of this complex data.

The outcome was a significant enhancement in their sustainability reporting. For the first time, Hitachi Rail could claim a comprehensive account of their scope 3 emissions, catapulting their reported figures from a mere 10-13% to over 90% of their total emissions.

This success in data accuracy and granularity has paved the way for targeted strategies in decarbonizing their supply chain and has solidified Hitachi Rail’s position as an industry frontrunner in environmental accountability.