On-demand webinar · 31. Jan 2023

Upgrade your 2023
reporting season

Normative’s new customization and data management
features can upgrade your 2023 carbon reporting.

Recorded on January 26th, 2023

Your carbon calculations power your business’s sustainability work all year round.

But in the spring, those calculations take on a new importance: they form the sustainability reports that ensure compliance with government regulations and investor requirements.

Accurate, comprehensive carbon calculations that reflect the shape of your business are vital to compliant reporting. That’s why we built dozens of new features for 2023’s reporting season, increasing the accuracy of your carbon calculations while bolstering the power and customization of Normative – so it can scale to meet the needs of any modern business.

In this webinar:

  • How Normative’s latest releases enable greater levels of reporting customization than ever before.
  • Our reimagined data upload and organization – and how they yield more accurate calculations.
  • A roundup of other feature releases and product updates from Normative.

The speakers


Marika Lundén

Product Director, Normative


Elise Mogren Karlsson

Product Designer, Normative

Headshot of Taylor Seidel

Taylor Seidel

Product Marketing Manager, Normative

Headshot of Luzia Buchmann

Luzia Buchmann

Climate Strategy Adviser, Normative