On-demand webinar · 24. Oct 2023

How financial services can lead the net-zero transition

Finance industry practitioners explain how firms can embrace their leadership role in decarbonizing the economy – and what opportunities the transition offers.

24th of October
15:00 – 15:45 CEST / 14:00 – 14:45 BST

The finance sector is at a critical crossroads

The success of the global transition to a net-zero economy depends on the choices that finance practitioners will make in the immediate future. It becomes increasingly apparent that these practitioners are choosing between two distinct paths: the reactive or the proactive path.

The increasingly complex regulatory landscape and a wave of greenwashing allegations have led many organizations to choose the reactive path – delaying important climate commitments and investments in technologies that are essential for the transition.

On the other side is the proactive path. Proactive firms take on the challenges of a rapidly evolving regulatory and standards environment and embrace their leadership role in the transition.


In this webinar, industry experts and practitioners will shed light on this crossroads moment of the industry. They will analyze the main challenges that drive practitioners to choose the reactive path and offer solutions that can help to make the proactive path to net zero more accessible throughout the financial industry.

  • Understanding the map: Making sense of the complex and overlapping environment of climate regulations, standards, and frameworks faced by financial practitioners.
  • Awareness of the pitfalls: Many firms struggle to account for the financed emissions in scope 3 – preventing progress toward net-zero targets
  • Charting the path ahead: Expert insight into what’s needed to guide organizations through the crossroads in this crucial moment.


Moderated by Cassandra Julin, Head of Global PR at Normative.

Headshot of Lara Bowling

Lara Bowling

Sustainability Partner, DF Capital

Headshot of Elena Perez Celis

Elena Pérez Celis

Head of Policy & Public Affairs, Bankers for Net Zero

Headshot of Torun Reinhammer

Torun Reinhammar

Associate Director Capital Markets, CDP Europe


Dr. Alexander Schmidt

Head of Science, Sustainability & Climate Research, Normative