On-demand webinar · 25. Aug 2022

Lessons learned on the path to net zero

Normative customers share hands-on learnings, advice, and real-world examples from their net-zero journeys.

    Recorded on August 24, 2022

    Businesses are facing a new reality where carbon reduction is essential. Each customer story is unique – there are many reasons to start measuring and managing emissions – but the end goal is the same: to make significant reductions.

    During the webinar, four Normative customers from diverse industries shared their unique perspectives on tackling carbon reduction. Whether they want to reach sustainability-minded consumers or are proactively preparing for emissions compliance laws, each speaker explained their motivations for measuring carbon.

    Watch this webinar to learn more about:

    • How to implement climate action pragmatically
    • The tools that can help businesses along the way
    • The customers’ first-hand experiences using Normative
    • Learnings and best practices

    Speakers and panelists

    Moderated by Cassandra Julin, Head of Global PR and Communications


    Justice Nutakor

    Sustainability Coordinator at Reform


    Åsvor Brynnel

    Head of Communications and Sustainability at Assemblin

    Jayne Higham

    Graduate Research Engineer at MTC


    Asna Dodhy

    Climate Strategy Advisor at Normative